Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the lots?

Villa Hermosa lots are 60′ x 80′

Are there amenities?

Yes, including a community swimming pool, tennis courts and a club house.

How close is the Airport?

20 minutes by car

How close is the City of La Ceiba?

15 minutes by car

What are the closing costs?

Approximately $1500 USD

Can I choose my own furniture and decor?

Of course!

Can I rent out my villa?

Of course. We have a rental office on site to facilitate all aspects of the process.

Is there security?

There is 24/hr security on premises

Is it safe in Honduras?

The coastal cities in Honduras and touristic areas are very safe.

How do I get to La Ceiba?

Sunwing Airlines fly direct to La Ceiba’s Goloson Airport.

Is the property fully deeded to me?


What is the local currency?

The local currency of Honduras is the Lempira – 21L = $1 USD

Is Villa Hermosa a gated community?

Yes. There are approximately 150 Villas on the site.

Are the materials American standard?

Yes, and they exceed the local building codes

Is it pet friendly?


Can I bring my own design?

Of course, but single story only

Can I buy a lot now and build later?

Of course. However, you must build within three years

What are the monthly HOA fees?

HOA fees are $125 per month

What is the average cost of living?

$1000 per month

Is there Internet available?


Is there a local hospital close by?

Yes, both public and private hospitals are available

Is the beach private?


Is there a mortgage held against the resort?

No, the property is fully paid for and owner operated

Will I require a Lawyer?

Yes, and we can provide one for you