Canopy or Zipline at nearby attractions in Villa Hermosa

Canopy or Zipline

The Canopy is an extreme activity that is slipping between the treetops. Villa Hermosa Honduras invites you to visit this wonderful activity that every day becomes more popular with tourists.

It was originally created as a way to study life in the treetops in tropical rain-forests, it was quickly turned into a tourist activity that has been very successful with those looking for an adrenaline rush while on vacation.

In Atlantida there are two different options Canopy: both are in the area of influence of La Ceiba, the first within the National Park Nombre de Dios, near the Garifuna community of Sambo Creek and the second in the Pico Bonito National Park in the Cangrejal river basin.
In both cases, the operating companies have received wide safety course and have a strict control and security protocols to ensure the welfare of tourists who practice this unusual adventure.

The experience involves climbing to a platform at the top of a tree, where you engage, through a harness and pulley up to a steel cable is anchored to another tree some distance away. Once a properly secured, it proceeds to slide on the cable at high speed towards the next station.


Canopy in Sambo Creek

Sambo Creek is only 10 minutes from Villa Hermosa Honduras making it an excellent choice to enjoy the Canopy.

For facilities Sambo Creek Canopy Tour, it has a total of 13 cables. The total duration of the activity is approximately 2 hours, but if the group is large can last a little longer. The Canopy Tour of Sambo Creek offers panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, and sometimes you can see the Cayos Cochinos from some points of the tour. The Sambo Creek also offers the option to enjoy a natural hot springs very well adapted, where you’ll enjoy the tropical nature and can even enjoy a relaxing massage and a mud bath.